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Lawn Fertilization
in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Your grass will grow throughout the summer, but it will not turn into the lush and luxurious carpet of green you desire unless you help it get there. The key to creating a yard that all your neighbors will envy and you can enjoy is to rely on us at Greenbriar Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance, LLC to take care of it for you. We’ll do that by providing lawn fertilization in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  
Mother Nature will do her best to encourage the weeds, but thanks to the fertilizers that our skilled technicians apply, your grass can battle with those invaders and come out on top. The result is a thick carpet of green that will be a delight to walk on while relaxing in your backyard oasis this summer. We can apply fertilizer throughout the growing season to continue to give your grass the boost it needs to stay strong and healthy. 
Fertilization is just one of the lawn care services you can depend on us for during the growing season. We also offer seeding, sodding, mowing, weed trimming, and edging when you choose us for comprehensive lawn maintenance. If your lawn is a bit cluttered with leaves, shrubs, and debris, we can even clean it up for you. Contact us today to book our team to look after your lawn.